How To Dress Like Kanye West

How To Dress Like Kanye West

by Street Style August 7, 2019

Kanye West, not only one of the kings of hip-hop, in recent years, he also made good progress in the fashion circle.

He launched joint merchandise with Louis Vuitton, A.P.C., NIKE,  founded his personal high-end fashion brand “Kanye West,” and even won the annual GQ vote for the most fashionable man in 2014!

How on earth did Kanye West turn hip-hop dress-up into fashion and become the most fashionable rapper ever?

We will be analyzing his daily wear/outfit to find out Kanye West’s most skilled fashion techniques.

1. Skinny Pants

Thinking of the rapper’s baggy trousers as being lower than one another, but the narrow trousers of the rock circle have been burning all the way to hip hop for years.

After all, the narrow-fitting trousers make the ratio better. 

It’s pretty easy to spot him wearing skinny fit denim pants as well as leather skinny fit pants on the street.

2. Military Style

Kanye West’s love for military style is probably well known as his collections borrow heavily from military gear, which clearly has had a big influence on the way he dresses himself, too. 

From the MA1 military jacket, N3B military jacket, to a military uniform T-shirt, we often find military elements in his body. In fact, Kanye West mentioned in an interview that he particularly likes the classic, masculine, non-fading characteristics of military style! 

Another type of military style to keep in mind is none other than a bomber jacket which is an absolute menswear classic (it looks dope on women, too!). 

Although, if you don’t feel like splashing out over a hundred bucks on a bomber, just head to your nearest army surplus or vintage store instead.

Part 3: Double Denim

Kanye has been pulling off double denim for quite some time now, regularly pairing jeans with denim jackets. Key Kanye looks include a light wash denim jacket and jeans over taupe boots, a light blue denim jacket over a t-shirt teamed with grey jeans and Yeezys, and a light blue denim shirt over blue denim jeans paired with tan Chelsea boots.

You can see from the above outfits that Kanye likes to wear a range of different coloured jeans, but he's well known for going extreme with tones and embracing more striking colours. Light, light blue is a particular favourite of his, and he tends to emphasise it by matching it with similar tones, even going for a bold double denim look.

So in short, don’t be afraid of double denim!

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Part 4: Layering Up!

In order to become a multi-layer player like Kanye West, the secret is very simple.

Originally, when layering, the rule of thumb is to layer heavier longer pieces over lighter shorter items (e.g. a thigh length or knee-skimming coat over a simple t-shirt or oxford shirt). However, typical rules do not apply to Mr West as he adds a game-changing touch to the way he layers his clothes. West chooses to reverse this, by wearing shorter denim or leather jackets over longer, drop-waist T-shirts.

To go more into detail, what you need to do is purchase a long plain T-shirt as the inner lap (the cut cannot be too fit, nor too loose), dress it with a shorter sweater, hoodie, thick cotton T or coat on the outside, then your simple yet stylish multi-layer outfit is complete!

Sometimes Kanye West also uses the same color base, but with multiple layers to create a visual sense of hierarchy. 

Now that you know his secrets, you'll be looking fresh in no time!

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