Why Is Everyone Tapping Into Streetwear?

Why Is Everyone Tapping Into Streetwear?

by Street Style July 29, 2019

Streetwear was originally designed for doing stuff: skating, galavanting all day with friends or the last-minute decision to go surfing. But with “luxury” tweaks that streetwear retailers see in collaborations nowadays, it has led to something far beyond that. Retail Gazette takes a look.

​Streetwear is no contemporary movement. Rooted in skate, surf and hip-hop cultures since the late 20th century, it’s paved the way to an underground market of logo-mania activewear, constituting the “sneakerhead” and “hypebeast” subcultures.

These personas are some of the few reasons streetwear retailers are experiencing high demand as it’s no longer aimed at an economical fan base. In fact, its rise to popularity is accredited to its high prices and extravagant status.

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In recent years, luxury retailers have partnered up with streetwear brands to tap into a younger consumer base and to experiment with different styles.

The power of social media and the way it is widely used by the younger generation is another aspect of the collaborations that cannot be ignored. Fashion retailers often promote products via their millions of followers on Instagram, or pay high-profile celebrity influencers to promote it on their behalf.

Besides collaborations, luxury retailers have also introduced own-brand streetwear designs in an attempt to tap into the younger consumer base.

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